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The Aussie Pigeon Sales website has been developed through the partnership of Andrew Demidowski (Rainbow Lofts) Phone 0457 201 099  & Paul Bryant (Paramount Lofts) Phone 0403 357 086. Both Andrew and Paul currently race with the Victorian Homing Association (VHA).

The emphasis on birds sold from both studs is performance. If they are not competitive they do not stay.

The birds from Rainbow Lofts are currently based around the Vandenabeele family. Andrew has had great results with his Vandenabeeles mainly through the exploits of Nick Lakiotis who flies in the Victorian Homing Association. Due to the phenomenal success of these birds in big competition Andrew will be concentrating on enhancing this family by sourcing more Vandenabeeles both locally and abroad to strengthen the genetics. Since 2017 Andrew has introduced the Herman Ceusters & Houbens to his stock loft due to the phenomenal success these birds have achieved for multiple flyers both in Australia and around the world. In 2020 the stock loft was further enhanced through the introduction of Flor Engel pigeons. All these new introductions will be bred 'pure' and 'crossed' in the future. They have all been found to be a fantastic cross for the Vandenabeele pigeons which are currently the backbone of the stock loft.

Paul on the other hand has achieved fantastic results with his Janssen family. His Paramount Janssens have won in big competition in Victoria. As an example a pure Janssen hen had won the prestigious Produce race by 100 mpm. This hen was stocked and bred the National winner the following year for the Greater Melbourne Pigeon Federation.This family is a blend of Red Fox, Honeysuckle and Marilyn Janssens and has a phenomenal strike rate for Paul. To compliment this family Paul has introduced the Van Loons as a cross with excellent results.

Of course both Andrew and Paul have other birds for sale to compliment their winning families. These being Herman Ceusters, Keith Sagger Jurions, Silver Shadow Van Loons, Houbens and of course the old Australian long distance blood lines being Dangerfields and Goodgers.

Both boutique studs are concentrating on performance.