Aussie Pigeon Sales

Aussie pigeon sales is a website developed through the partnership of Andrew Demidowski (Rainbow Lofts) & Paul Bryant (Paramount Lofts) to allow both Andrew & Paul to sell their own birds and also allow the Australian racing pigeon community to sell birds on this site for a small fee.

Paul Bryant who is the President of the Frankston Racing Pigeon Club with the Victorian Homing Association (VHA) has had great success with his Janssen family which won him 1st overall in the aggregates in 2014. He has a small pigeon stud in Somerville, Victoria and concentrates on performance. Paul has been racing pigeons for over 40 years and is currently racing with the  Victorian Homing Association.

Andrew Demidowski who is the current President of the Mornington Racing Pigeon Club (VHA) on the other hand has only been flying for around 20 years. Due to recent work commitments he has not been able to fly as he would have liked but despite his time constraints has still managed to obtain great success with his Vandenabeele family. With only three birds he managed to get a 3rd, 2 x 4th, 13th & 31st Federation position in the VHA against thousands of birds in the same year. Due to the success of these birds Andrew will be sourcing further Vandenabeeles both locally and abroad to see if this success can continue.

Lastly this site will also be made available for pigeon flyers to sell their own birds throughout Australia. A fee of 5% will charged for selling birds on this site. For this small fee you will be given permission to use the site and download your own photo and pedigree and provide interested buyers any additional information about the birds being sold. Once the bird is sold you will be the primary contact and responsible for transporting the bird to the successful bidder.

If you would like to sell pigeons on this site please call Paul Bryant on 0403 357 086 or by email paramountlofts@live.com.au  or Andrew Demidowski on 0457 201 099 or by email ademidowski@gmail.com

All you need to do is contact us and we will be happy to assist you.