Paramount Lofts

My name is Paul Bryant and I am the owner of Paramount Lofts in Somerville Victoria and also co-owner of Aussie Pigeon Sales.

I have owned and raced pigeons since I was 12 years of age, and recently moved onto a small acreage in Somerville in 2006. Since I have relocated my loft I have achieved great success racing my Janssens. These have been blended from Red Fox, Honeysuckle, Grenville Evans Braveheart and Richard Clingan Marilyn lines and race really up to the 500 mile stage. To improve my performances I have also recently imported Leon Boers from Tumley Lofts UK which were at one stage the fastest pigeons in the world.

I also have in my stock loft Keith Saggers Silver Shadows & Jurions , Hereman Cuesters and Red Fox Janssens to race or blend into my current winning family.

I have been breeding birds for over 40 years and constantly look for better stock birds. I believe that you will not win races without great birds. Success in this sport comes from good birds, excellent pigeon management and proper education and training.