Andrew and Paul would like to welcome you to Aussie Pigeon Sales Auctions the best site in Australia to buy and sell racing pigeons in the comfort of your own home.

To benefit both the seller and prospective buyers this site has been set up with an anti sniping feature. This means that if a bid is made in the last few minutes of the auction it will be extended by a further 2 minutes until the last bid is finished.

The bidder also has the option to place a proxy bid which is the maximum bid the prospective buyer would like to make to purchase the bird. This proxy bid must be exceeded for any subsequent bidders to succeed.

Due to ill health Wynston Cummings who currently lives in St Arnaud in country Victoria needs to reduce his stock birds. Wynston has been involved in pigeon racing for over 5 decades and has had great success while racing in the VHA while living in Greensborough. In 2002 he decided to move to St. Arnaud where he started to breed pigeons for other fliers throughout Australia. SInce living in St Arnaud he has collected the best birds available and has has great success. Many of his birds have been gifted from his great friend Frank Verco who flies competitively in the GMPF Victoria. Over the last few years Frank has won the averages and many federation places while flying with the Frankston Pigeon club.

These birds are all in fantastic condition, have excellent pedigrees and I would highly recommend them to any discerning pigeon flier who wants to improve their stock loft.